The Book

Currently in its second round of edits, our book Rainmakers -- Exporting China's Economic Miracle to the World details the adventures of W Studio and CSRRC founder, and Odyssey of the Dragon executive producer Sharon Zhang Xiaowen as she travels the world reporting on issues of development.
Organized around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Rainmakers begins with Sharon Zhang Xiaowen's childhood in a China in a many ways unrecognizable from the country today, and yet in other ways remarkably the same. It follows her career as she develops as a young documentary film maker and grows into a core part of today's global news organization Phoenix Television.
While chronicling many of the stories featured in the hit TV series Odyssey of the Dragon, Rainmakers also takes readers behind the scenes to glimpse some of the inside stories on some of today's most pressing development issues.

Look for Rainmakers to appear in autumn of 2018!

Author Sharon Zhang Xiaowen

Co-Author Brandon Zatt