Odyssey of the Dragon

What happens when China's economic miracle goes global? Exporting the Chinese Dream around the world is, arguably, the biggest story of the century, filled with opportunity and challenge. And with the roll-out of the Belt & Road Initiative, it's likely that nobody will be unaffected by it.
Yet today, most people remain under-informed. And most news sources, without access to real decision makers, rely mainly on second-hand information. We're different. At Odyssey of the Dragon, we enjoy unprecedented access and we scour the earth to bring you breaking international development stories on every single continent, as they unfold on the ground.
We've already aired over 120 episodes, shot on location in over 50 countries, going face-to-face with 150 of China's biggest and most influential companies and their project stakeholders. Covering both sides of the story, we engage local governments, NGOs, community leaders and leading researchers and scholars to give fair treatment to complex global issues. Always engaged, always on the front lines, always in focus, we dig out the real stories that matter most to keep you, our viewers, informed. Sustainability is a never-ending quest, an Odyssey -- if you will -- so please join us on this voyage of  wonder, possibility and discovery. Now available in English for the first time, we proudly present you with a small sample of our treasure trove of material from Odyssey of the Dragon.