What does our future hold?

The globalization of China's economic miracle is one of the biggest stories of this century, filled with daunting risk and incredible opportunity. And when we look back on today, some two or three decades from now, we'll see we're all affected by it.

Most people are under-informed. And most news sources, unable to access real decision makers, can rely only on second-hand information. But at Odyssey of the Dragon, we scour the Earth to bring you the real stories in Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America and around the world, as they unfold on the ground.
With over 120 episodes on air, covering over 50 countries and 150 leading Chinese companies, we're face-to-face with the people on the front lines. We talk with the leaders of China's biggest companies and local stakeholders as they interact in an unending quest for sustainability. Please join us on this ride of wonder, possibility and discovery.
Now appearing in English for the first time, we proudly present you with a small sample of our treasure trove of material and true stories from the Odyssey of the Dragon.