Sustainable Development

At W Studio, we’re big fans of the United Nations Development Program’s (UNDP) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We believe they’re super important and we help both promote these initiatives to Chinese companies at home and abroad while also helping companies share their successful experiences working towards the SDGs¬† with the world.

We also understand that the SDGs are largely a framework for promoting an ethos of sustainability that’s backed up with action. As a television production house, we’ve brought these stories of seeking sustainable development to Phoenix Television and, through Phoenix, to the world.


Now, as our English-language content is gaining increased resonance around the world, we’re looking for partners to help us distribute and produce more stories of seeking sustainability around the world.

We love this planet and the people here and we care about our future. We want to make sure the next generations have even better opportunities then we’ve had.

That’s why we try to share stories of sustainable development to help companies, governments and all stakeholders see that there are options which can make life better for us all.

Sustainability is not a destination — it’s a journey of continual improvement. Shall we walk this road together?