About Us

W Studio is an independent television studio and production house telling stories of sustainability. Based in Hong Kong and active throughout China and around the world, we're an ideal conduit for sharing China's experience with the world and bringing the world to China.
As producers of Phoenix Television's trailblazing documentary series Odyssey of the Dragon, we travel the globe chronicling the experiences of Chinese companies, and the stakeholders they interact with, as they explore new markets and new opportunities overseas.
We produce the preeminent program documenting China's actual experience in the Belt & Road Initiative and China's 'Go Global' Strategy.
With a strong focus on Sustainable Development, no matter where we go or what story we're doing, we lookto see how people, and companies, seek sustainability in terms of both profits and their engagements with their stakeholders, including local communities.
To this end, we work closely with IGOs like the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), producing annual Sustainability and Human Development Index video reports.
And as partners of the UN's Finance Center for South South Cooperation (FCSSC), we produce their annual China Overseas Investment Guide, profiling the business opportunities awaiting global investors on the Belt & Road.
Because we know that the companies driving these international development projects are the ones most likely to have the greatest impact on local communities and the closest interaction with local stakeholders, we work together with them.
We're proud to count leading Chinese and international companies like Tencent, Country Garden, Ganten and Reckitt Benckiser as our clients and we produce both original and custom content for them.
In short, W Studio is a full-spectrum studio and production house creating original content, offering domestic international coproduction services and working with clients around the world.
W Studio is an international television studio and production house based in Hong Kong and focused on stories of seeking sustainability. Enjoying strong relationships with both Phoenix Television and the United Nations, we specialize in sharing China's experience with economic growth and sustainable development with the world.